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Private Lesson Studio

See how private musical study with me has already helped many saxophonists and can help you.


A proven track record...

Students who study saxophone with me have been selected multiple times to the Nebraska All-State Band, with several consecutive selections, and have gone on to study music at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Drake University. Whether you're considering music as a career or just want to be the best at your school, I can help you get there.

Comprehensive study...

My approach to teaching saxophone pulls from many different styles of music. I believe that every musician needs a foundation in the scales and patterns that have proven to stand the test of time. Where we go from there is a collaboration between myself and each student - what do THEY want to be better at?


Making learning fun...

I place a high priority on making sure my students enjoy the process of learning and getting better. What good is playing if you aren't having any fun? 

Go to the CONTACT section for more info!

I'm always accepting new students so get in touch through the CONTACT section of my website and let's get started! 

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